Monday, February 6, 2012

The AHA moment - Bombay front upper alcove

I love AHA moments. You know the ones: you're sitting there reading or laying in bed and suddenly the answer pops into your head!

I mentioned before that there's an alcove in the middle of the front of the Bombay house. In fact, its existence is why I angled the flooring between the bedroom area and the office/sitting room area.

In fact, I had originally redone this table (originally a red one from Dollarama) with the intention of putting it in the alcove. Then in an effort to find a place for the chaise longue, I thought maybe I could put the table in the alcove and put the chaise longue in front of it but it's tall and the drawers couldn't be opened (not that they do anyway) with the chaise in front of the table.

The chaise won't fit in the alcove as it's about 1/2" deeper than the alcove.

Here I just put some strips of matboard in place to show how far the chaise sticks out. I had even thought of gluing the chaise to the wall of the alcove so it would be in place when the front of the house is closed. I really like the chaise and hate not to use it but there's no other place in this house that it can be used. The more I think about it, the more I like this option.

Anyway, my AHA thought was to build in a window seat the length of the alcove with some open boxes with baskets and some sections with doors. Lots of storage.

Now I'm really undecided...

For now, back to the bedroom. When it's finished, maybe I'll have made a decision.

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