Thursday, February 9, 2012

Afternoon with Barb

My friend Barb came down this afternoon and we began planning work on her first miniature vignette. When we took our trip to Dollarama a couple weeks ago, I discovered that Barb has one of the best mini eyes of any beginner I've ever known. And yesterday, at coffee, she had told me how she planned to use the box that we bought that day.

I had only thought to use it upright:

But Barb decided to use it like this:

and came prepared with sketches of how she thought she might do some of it.

We found some Christmas wallpaper in my stash - white with narrow vertical rows of red and green and a top border. Also found two pieces of green carpeting to choose from. We discussed various ways of hanging the wallpaper (Yes glue or carpet tape).

With the lid of the box down, the box portion of the floor is slightly lower than the lid portion but we found that the difference was about the thickness of a piece of mat board so the installation of a piece of that should result in an even floor.

We discussed using a box to make a fireplace and found a Jello pudding box in my pantry that was a good size.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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  1. That is so smart of Barb to think of doing her book that way. I wonder if I should try that with the one I am working on. I would just worry about storing it when not in use but then again in my bookcase some of my "real" books are on their sides. Brilliant idea. Tell Barb thanks. and keep us posted as to how it turns out. Now the Bombay is looking so good Maureen. I am loving how it is coming together . And really love that you are filling the drawers and .... well all of it. Good work.