Friday, December 2, 2011

staircase 2

Just have to show you how it's coming along before I go to bed...

Here's the backside of the staircase with the runner finally glued in place and the ends trimmed:

And here it is placed in position in the living/dining room:

Side comment: Aren't we miniaturists interesting people in that we would put all that effort into a carpet runner that will never be seen? And now I'm seriously debating whether or not to put brass carpet rails on each step...

Thought about that - a lot - and decided not to: mostly because this is a modern house -  and generally you only find carpet rails in older/Victorian houses. Even though I kept the carpet in this as a strip (leaving the wood on either side), I think it's something that would work in a modern house. 

If I WERE to go with the carpet rails, I would  cut pieces of the brass snare wire I bought at Canadian Tire and glue them in place.

And with the handrail in place but not glued or trimmed:

(The colour variation is just shadow.)

I really like how this is coming together!

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