Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paint spraying tent, pot stand

Forgot to tell you about a wonderful gift that June K. gave me at our Mini Day Out Saturday before last. It's a spray painting tent that's 2' x 2' x 2' - even has a hook from the middle rod so things can be hung to paint.

It's big enough that even some smaller houses could fit in it! I could use it on the balcony even on a windy day. There's a movable flap that covers the front so not much chance of overspray.

My previous solution was to line my bathtub with a painters drop cloth and put a box inside to hold the object being painted. It worked but certainly wasn't as convenient as this.

I'm always complaining about not being able to find tools, etc., in the clutter of my workroom - especially when I'm now working on the dining room table and coffee table as well. But I generally pride myself on knowing what minis I have and where particular items are.......

But this plant stand has eluded me for a LONG time. So much so that I finally decided I must have given it away at some point and just not remembered. Yesterday I was searching for the new charger for my cell phone and, in desperation, looked in a drawer in the counter that my street of houses sits on and, glory be, there was the plant stand! (BTW I finally found the charger also VBG)

I had thought I might fill it with poinsettias for Christmas but they were too wide to fit on it properly so filled it with geraniums by Connie Stitt.

What a wonderful way to showcase Connie's great work!

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