Thursday, December 8, 2011

MEE Christmas party

MEE had its Christmas party on Tuesday night and we had a great time! (I was enjoying myself so much that not many pictures were taken.)

Each member brought an appetizer/dessert and, oh, my, did we have food!

This was taken before all the food arrived - we ended up with two long tables with every inch covered!

Once plates were filled, Tina, Joanne and Sunni entertained us with a few songs including the AARP version of "My Favourite Things" and a little solo by Tina

After a group singsong, Sunni entertained us with some Christmas riddles.

Where does Santa stay when he's on holidays?
At a Ho-ho-tel!

We discussed a few business items and door prizes were handed out then we had our gift exchange.

As always there was a variety of incredibly beautiful gifts, most of which were handcrafted. I got this beautiful table made by Bev P-M.

Every year, Joanne R. chooses a book to read to us. This year's book was "A Christmas Dollhouse"  by Richard Rudnicki of Nova Scotia. MEE member Cheryl H. had helped Richard with research on dollhouses for the book which is based on a true story. There were many moist eyes in the room when she finished reading.

New club members Pat and Jillian won the Christmas tree draw. (The picture was taken before all the ornaments had been brought in.) Winners are expected to bring their decorated trees to next year's party.

This is a tree done by a previous winner.

Lorry S. and June K. brought in some of their work to display.
Two rooms in 1:48 by June
 Two views of Lorry's display using the Hallmark stove, fridge and washing machine.

During the evening, each member was given a yellow sticky note on which to write a proposed name for the fair that we're doing for next year's show and sale and a smaller purple sticky note to vote.

"Little Fair on the Prairie" was the winner.

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