Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ferrero Rocher

In addition to being incredibly good chocolates, Ferrero Rocher come in very nice plastic cases, particularly at Christmas.

The bells don't seem to be available in Canada anymore but they make wonderful settings for little Christmas vignettes such as this one I got from Lorry S. at our MEE Christmas party a couple years ago.

They also come in a cube that's about 4 1/2" that is perfect for settings for little vignettes such as this Christmas one. I've also done little baking vignettes in them.

I've seen the Ferrero Rocher pyramid used to display collections very effectively.

I was out this afternoon and picked up the FR Christmas tree on sale half price. Here I've removed all the packaging and labels (peel off easily) and have two plastic Christmas tree shapes.

I think if I add some shelves these will make great display units for my Christmas shop. The open side will be accessible to customers in the store and because the unit is clear, customers on the street will be able to see the merchandise as well. At least that's the plan....

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  1. Thought I had commented but it most have gone somewhere else. Happy new year and all the very best to you in 2012. I should go and look at the chocolates on sale now and see what I can find in the way of packaging. I do like the lighting you are doing on Bombay too. Looks wonderful . When do you leave on your trip?