Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas party

Our miniature club Christmas party is tonight. We have a gift exchange and a Christmas ornament draw.

The last time Joanne and I went to Dollarama, she spotted wonderful little house shaped boxes which are great for gifts for miniaturists.

For the Christmas ornament draw, members who are interested bring in three Christmas tree ornaments and enter their name in a draw. Two winners get a tree (supplied by the club) and their share of the ornaments.

When I was looking through my jewellery findings the other day, I found a small bag of plastic bell-shaped earring backs (similar to these 4th down). I've put some of these on the ends of straight pins and painted them (the red with nail polish and the gold with my trusty Pilot pen).

 Here I've put the 'bells' on headpins (above).

I cut the pin about 1/4" above the bell and used needle-nosed pliers to shape the pin into a hook for hanging.

Then I made a tree topper. Started by coiling some brass wire tightly around the end of this pen:
 Pulled on it to put some space between each coil:
 Folded about 3/8" up at a right angle to the coils:
 These self-adhesive dimensional stars are from Michael's. They also come in silver.
 I attached one to the upright piece
 then glued another to the back. (While they're self-adhesive, the depth of the brass wire won't allow the adhesive to stick.)
The finished topper.

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  1. What great ideas. I am always looking for things to put on the Christmas tree. Thank you.