Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bombay House living room

I installed the overhead light in the living room area. Because this is a textured ceiling (textured wallpaper from a teacher I used to work with), I didn't think that the sticky pad on the light fixture would hold so I used general purpose silicon sealant to hold it in place.

Time to bite the bullet and install the staircase. With the staircase in place, I traced along the underside with a pencil. Then I removed the staircase and painted a half inch of glue above the line. I also glued along the top back of the staircase itself. (I didn't glue the bottom of the stairs that rests on the floor because I didn't want to smear glue on the floor.)

The staircase was glued in place then I trimmed the stained handrail and glued it in place.

I coloured the Houseworks 5026 corner/angled side bookcase black and gave it two coats of satin varnish.

Here's the room with the burgundy leather couch and black leather chair.

The first two pictures show the room with two beautiful coffee tables by Shelley Acker from Nova Scotia. The first is one of my favourites but the second one has the black wood which goes well with  the rest of the furniture but is smaller. And I really like large coffee tables....

Another possibility is to cut the legs down on the table I had thought to use in the bedroom alcove and use it as a coffee table. Colour and size would be right for my taste. (And it has storage, something I always need/appreciate.)

I could then use Shelley's black table in the corner by the chair .

The other question is lighting...I like LOTS of light in my living room so I want both a floor and table lamp in here.

I want a floor lamp at the far end of the couch and a table lamp beside the chair.

I love these two floor lamps but I don't have any table lamps that would work with them. And I think I could use the three light one at the end of the chaise longue in the bedroom area. (And, no, there isn't a picture of that here so don't waste time looking.)

These would be great to add a dash of colour to the room. But maybe a bit retro...and they don't give a great deal of light. Hey! I want to read in there.
The cords are very short but I've actually thought of a way I could use them without even having to lengthen the cords. (That can be done easily though, thanks to Jonesy and the tutorial from Victoria Miniland.)

And these would  work...but they're sort of....well, blah:

Would really be interested in your input. Other miniaturists often see possibilities that I've missed.  I do have some ability, lights, and hollow brass tubing so I could make really simple lights.

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  1. Why don't you take those white lamp shades and wind red bunka or red embroidery thread around them? If you like the look you can just glue the thread in place and you will have your splash of colour.