Friday, October 7, 2011

What a week!

In addition to setting up the miniature display at the library Monday morning, I went out to dinner Monday night with a group of ladies that I used to work with at Cuts School. We've been having these little get-togethers for about 20 years now - not as often as we used to but about four times a year. Had a great time catching up since our last visit.

Tuesday night I skipped our club workshop as I had to gather together a bunch of paperwork for a Wednesday morning appointment. Then I got a visit from a woman in the building who wanted to donate two bookshelves to the condo library. I committed myself to the donation then had to spend a couple hours rearranging furniture to make room for them.

Wednesday was my appointment, our condo coffee club and, in the evening, the final meeting of the 2011 Show and Sale Committee. The co-chairs hosted a lovely wine and cheese at the new home of one of them. Wonderful time!

Thursday I got a call from the owner of the bookcases that they were ready to be moved so I called two of my neighbours to help with that and we got them moved and in place. So last night was spent shifting books around to utilize the new bookshelves.

We are so fortunate to have this great library in the building.

Spent time throughout today making labels for the shelves and attaching them. Very pleased with how everything turned out.

Each year my Christmas present to my Mom, sisters and some friends is a collection of e-mail forwards, poems, songs, news clippings and quotations that we refer to as "The Book". I collect these things all year and save them to a file on my computer. Had a bit of a set-back when my computer crashed but managed to get back on track.

So I started printing 12 copies of it yesterday and finished printing this morning. Then decided that I didn't have enough for it so between errands around the building found a few more things to put in it.

Collating and binding it will have to wait until Sunday since Leanne and I finally found a day that we're both free so tomorrow is Mommy/Daughter day. No idea what we'll end up doing but we'll be spending the day together!

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