Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some recent purchases

If I had known how many people, especially miniaturists, would ask about my SmartCart, I would have mentioned it last week when I bought it on sale for $14.99 (half price) at London Drugs. (I chose that link for pictures because it shows it opened and closed.) It's great for regular shopping and even better for transporting miniatures and/or supplies and tools.

I was thinking yesterday that in addition to jewellery findings I would probably need some brass wire to make a chandelier and I remembered seeing coils of brass snare wire at Canadian Tire. (My mom and I had quite a giggle this morning wondering how many people, if any, would know what snare wire is!)

So I went there yesterday and got two 20' coils of it - one 20 gauge and one 22 gauge - $3.99 each. (Just checked and they both work with the Swarovski beads.)

Another thing they had was a display of dowels (in diameters 1/8" and larger) and 3' lengths of square wood (poplar). They were out of the 1/4" but did have 3/8", 5/8" and 1/2" in stock. I picked up two strips of the 3/8" to make the corners of my market stall for this year's club project. Very nice straight wood and only $1.49 a piece for the 3/8".

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