Friday, October 21, 2011

Mini tools, doll

Forgot to tell you about a couple highlights of our MEE meeting on Tuesday night.

Lucille and Tina took a miniatures cruise just after our Show and Sale. Lori Ann Potts taught one of the workshops they took on the cruise and gave them some new tools to use when working with miniatures. They made sets of them to share with all of us.

The first (from the left) is a popsicle stick with a strip of double -sided tape on it to hold small items such as beads while you work on them. This would be great when making things such as perfume bottles. The second is a 2' square of wood with a piece of velvet glued to it. This holds very tiny things such as beads or nails in place so they don't roll around or get lost on your work table (or worse yet, the floor). I've used  spaghetti to pick up and position beads (just moisten the end with your tongue) but this has the added refinement of being sharpened on each end. (This was done with a sharpener used for fine drafting pencils.)

My name was drawn for a door prize and I got a great little doll by Judy Mitchell.
Although this corner shelf that the doll is on is solid wood, I have a couple somewhere LOL with filigree sides. I have a particular affection for them as they remind me of one my Dad made for my Mom in the early days of their marriage. I'll have to dig one out and add it to the Victorian style parlour, especially as I've come across a few knick-knacks that I've found in my stash since that room was made.

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