Monday, October 24, 2011

matboard, the tickle trunk

Went for my flu shot on Saturday. The frame store in the mall was closing that day and was selling packs of matboard for $3.50 each so I picked up three. It's handy for so many things: walls, floors and making items such as kitchen cupboards so eventually it'll get used. And these are nice big pieces. (Framing shops will sometimes give you pieces for nothing so you might want to check any stores near you.)

Also hit the jackpot at the SHAVA book store (great used book store run by the Sturgeon Hospital Auxiliary). Found two J.D. Robb books that I didn't have. Had such good intentions of not reading them until I was on the plane but I'm afraid my resistance was low and I read them yesterday so today and tomorrow will be spent clearing up my 'to-do' list. VBG

The tickle trunk is just about finished and most of the items are packed in a hockey bag ready to go. WestJet only charges $20.00 for a second checked bag so it's a darn cheap way to get it to Ontario. I have to dig out the sewing machine and add some things to it but just about ready to go.

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