Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dollhouse Month

In conjunction with Dollhouse Month and the donation of the dollhouse to the Children's Department of the St. Albert Public Library, Joanne and I set up a display of miniatures on the second floor of the library.

Joanne took in her miniature book store (a delightful piece of art); her 1:48 house; some dolls by Georgee Prokiw; books by Lee Ann Borgia and ones Joanne made from Ann Vanture kits; a small shop and a Hallowe'en scene by Sunni D.

I took in my displays from the Doll Show plus a birthday party in a pocket watch that I made in Dallas years ago.

Even before we finished putting up the display, there was a lot of interest in it.

The home gym and Joanne's 1:48 house:
 Joanne's book store, Brillig Books, from the front:
 Front porch decorated for Hallowe'en; Hallowe'en hat box by Sunni D.; ghost and witch; Ferraro Rocher pyramid filled with items by Jewell from New Zealand; Ferraro Rocher bell Christmas scene by Lorry S.
 Pocket watch scene, books in case
 Front of the 1:48 house, gift shop, retirement scene, Queen Mom doll by Georgee, and case of Ann Vanture books
 Book store from the side
Book shop from the top
 Collection of books by Lee Ann Borgia and books from Ann Vanture kits

Side view of the book shop with Georgee Prokiw doll added

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