Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dollarama table

What a great idea to tile the table, Judy!

Which leads to another idea...

My first thought was to cut out a piece of the table top, tile and install a sink. That  would be a bit more labour-intensive than I'd want to do but what if you added a piece of wood up the back for a backsplash then tiled the table top and backsplash and added one (or two) of those fancy above-counter sinks. Something like this:

If you Google images above counter sink bowls, there are lots of ideas.

I'm just waiting for the second coat of varnish to dry on the table then I'll install the drawer hardware and show you how it turned out.

For now it's still going to go in the bedroom but I may end up using the sink idea myself as I do have black bathroom fixtures in that house.

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