Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dollarama table finished

When I'm doing 'black lacquer' furniture, I 'paint' it with black permanent marker rather than paint.

Painted with black marker:
 First of two coats of Americana Dura Clear satin varnish:
 Sanded with brown paper and given a second coat of varnish then the brass drawer hardware added (two Houseworks 1124 and one Houseworks 1103):

In place below the bedroom window:

The bedroom in the Bombay house. Still have to dress the bed but haven't decided what colour to use. The carpet also needs to be taped in place but won't be doing that until I wire the house. (The wiring has worked it's way to near the top of my 'to-do' list.)

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  1. Oh the table looks wonderful!!! Very nice and the bedroom furniture is lovely. I will be interested to see how you dress your bed. Lots of options eh? Thanks for posting !