Wednesday, August 10, 2011

more agate slices

These larger agate slices are from the souvenir shop at Peggy's Cove, NS. The piece on the top right is about 4" x 4 1'4" and the bottom piece is about 6" long.
If I had had the bottom piece when I made the bar for the penthouse, think I would have used it for the top of the bar. The long pieces might work with two pedestals.

These need heavier pedestals. Years ago when I was working at W. D. Cuts School, we cleaned out the trophy cabinets and I got a lot of neat pieces of 'stuff' for my stash from the trophies that were being thrown out. Lots of pieces of brass that I shared at the time on Small Stuff, some great pieces of wood that I gave to the woodworkers in my Mom's building, and other odds and ends that I still have.

Here are two of them used as table pedestals.

These two pedestals are napkin rings. The wooden one was on clearance at a store in Kelowna and the silver one was from the Salvation Army thrift store there.

Here are some more possible pedestals: 
- clear cylinder (could even be filled with seashells or coloured sand for extra interest)
- a couple more pieces from trophies
- a cholla cactus rib that could be sliced and used for pedestals

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