Friday, August 12, 2011

Making hats

Sunni had her dining room table all set up for us to begin work when we arrived - complete with project instructions from Dolls House World magazine for Straw Hats made from 32 gauge cloth covered wire and thread and a men's leather top hat.

First she showed us the bananas she had made for Curious George in the club's Co-Operative dollhouse. Aren't they wonderful! Polymer clay and I are not friends and I so admire anyone who works with it.

Now to the hats!

Sunni had already made the straw hat.
You know how when you're working from a spool of material it sometimes gets away from you as you pull the material off the spool...Sunni solved this by handing the spool on a ribbon around her neck! How ingenious is that!

The gentleman's  top hat instructions are for Steampunk but Sunni didn't take it that far. It's still at the 'waiting for glue to dry' stage but it's looking good.

Joanne got right into the swing of things and completed two hats and started work on two others.

I sat and played with various pieces of fabrics and trims but the muse just wasn't speaking to me :-(

It looked like my lone contribution to the day was discovering that the cork from a Scotch bottle makes a great hat form.

Finally inspiration came and I made one hat. Wasn't what I had been aiming for but at least the day wasn't a complete waste in terms of minis.

Even if I hadn't ended up with a hat, the day certainly would not have been wasted. We had such a wonderful time visiting and laughing...and eating as Sunni made us a wonderful lunch...and Joanne had provided a delicious fruit salad.

Sunni had mentioned that Dollarama at Westmount had a huge supply of dollhouse furniture so we HAD to stop there on the way home. There were two styles of wardrobes, a dresser, vanity, dining table (legs too short), chairs (in scale size-wise but kind of bulky), sofa table, and bed (closer in size to 1:24 than 1:12). Not bad for a dollar.

I don't really need any more furniture but did pick up one sofa table.

We took another quick look around and found some more great items for Jonah and Holly's Tickle Trunk. (This was in addition to some things we found on a local Dollarama run the other day.) What fun we're having putting this together for the grandkids.

Today Joanne and I are working on her gentleman's study. Hope to get it electrified so I better get off the computer and get ready to go over there.

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  1. I loved your hats! Also I liked your idea of making the gown. It seemed to be so easy. I would love to try that sometime.