Thursday, August 11, 2011


Joanne and I are off this morning to Sunni's for a hat-making session. Haven't made any for a couple years so looking forward to it.

Here are some previous efforts:
 Fun fur hat and muff, White lace over red
 Front views above, back views below

I remembered a wonderful tutorial by Joann Swanson for 25 hats  in an old Dollhouse Miniatures magazine (before Ashdown) so went to the NAME website and looked up hats in the project database. (If you've not used this before, I highly recommend it. Select your category and project: in this case, Clothing and Hats and you'll get a list of published tutorials - magazine, date and page.) There were 45 projects listed - and the one I was looking for was in the March 2002 edition of DHM. Also pulled some of my NN that had hat tutorials.

Now I just have to pull together my supplies and I'm set for some fun.

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