Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Display table

Every once in awhile I succumb to temptation and treat myself to a McDonald's Smarties McFlurry. I try to tell myself it's all in the interest of miniatures but we all know that's just an excuse. LOL

However, the McFlurry spoons are great for making pedestals for tables.

from the end

Here I've cut a slice of the spoon handle and added a matboard top to make a small display table.
 This was a happy accident. My intention was to give the entire table a couple of coats of black nail polish for a solid black gloss finish but a single coat gave me a great marble look so I left it like that.

My daughter brought me these agate slices which will make nice little display tables with a single McFlurry pedestal.
The lower green piece is about 1 1/2" x 2 1/2".


  1. Now I have to go to McD's for a McFlurry!!!!!! Not good for my too large waistline but I will try to make the calories disappear for the cause. ; ) Thanks for all of your good ideas on your blog. I hope that you are doing OK these days. It is good that you are staying busy with friends, hard to stay home I am sure with your beloved gone. Hope you are well!

  2. Ah, Judy, the things we force ourselves to do for our art...LOL

    Thanks for your support. I'm so lucky to have such great family and friend support.