Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bar stools 2

As you can see, the seat of the bar stool pops out. With it out, I've stained the bottom piece with dark brown Furniture Touch Up marker from Dollarama (similar to this). 

I had some fabric left from covering the booth backs and seats so after washing a piece to remove the sizing I cut a circular piece to cover the stool seat.

Tip: When I need a certain sized shape such as this, I open a new document in Word Office and go to Insert and choose Shape. From the drop down menu I choose the shape I need - in this case a circle. I click on the plus sign that comes up and the shape appears in my document. The default size for the circle is 1" so I go to size at the end of the new toolbar and choose 1.5 for both height and width. This gives me a 1 1/2" circle that I print and use as a pattern for cutting my fabric.

 While the circle of fabric was still slightly damp from washing it, I spread a thin  layer of glue over the back of the entire piece and glued it to the seat. (If you spread the glue on the fabric rather than the seat, the fabric adheres to itself when you fold it around the bottom of the seat.)

Having said that, it's a bit difficult to do without getting some glue on the outside of the fabric so I think with the next two stools, I'll spread the glue on the top of the seat and attach the fabric leaving the edges unglued for this stage. When that glue has dried, I'll then spread the glue on the fabric that turns under the seat and glue it in place.
Then simply pop the seat back in place.

I probably want backs on these stools and think I have that figured out. Check with me  tomorrow and see if my idea works.

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