Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roombox from a gift bag


Gift bag (any size). You can use a plain bag or a patterned one that matches the theme of the room you plan to put inside. This bag is 10 ½”wide x 13” high x 5 ¼” deep.
Material for ‘walls’ (I used foamcore but you could use matboard (nice for coloured walls) or any stiff cardboard. If you’re going to wallpaper, you could use cereal box cardboard.)
Piece of heavy clear plastic
Cutting Mat
X-Acto knife or utility knife
Glue (I used Crafters’ Pick The Ultimate)
Double-sided carpet tape
Wallpaper (optional)

Slip your cutting mat inside the front of the gift bag and cut a rectangular shape which will be the front open “wall” of your room. Save the piece you cut out.

Tape the cutout piece to your piece of plastic. Mark off an additional ½” on all four sides and cut there. Remove your template and set the plastic aside for now.

Measure the inside of the bag. Cut two pieces of foamcore the width of the bag x 9” (the height of the room). Test fit them. They should fit snugly into the back and front of the bag.

Hold the front piece of foamcore firmly against the front opening and trace lightly around the opening. Removed that piece and cut out the centre area that you marked.

Put the cut piece back against the front of the bag. Straighten the sides of the bag as much as possible and measure between the front and back pieces of foamcore. (Measure near the bottom for the most accurate measurement.)

Cut another two pieces of foamcore that measurement x 9”. Put them in place and check for fit. They should fit fairly tightly.

If you want to wallpaper your walls, remove the side and back pieces and cover with wallpaper. Foamcore tends to warp if you use a water-based glue so I use rubber cement if I’m wallpapering.

Remove the front piece of foamcore and glue your piece of plastic to the front of it (so the plastic will be between the bag and the foamcore). Press this under a heavy book until the glue has dried.

 Using double-sided tape, affix all your walls to the inside of the bag.

Your room is now ready to furnish and decorate.

This bag is tall enough that the top of the bag can be taped closed to keep dust out when the room is completed. If you’re using a smaller bag, you can cut another piece of foamcore to make a ‘ceiling’ which will keep dust out. Another option is to make a 'ceiling' of heavy clear plastic. This will not only keep the dust out but will allow more light in - plus give you an overview of the room.

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