Saturday, July 30, 2011

Miniature Sale

I love antique malls and hadn't been to one for years so really enjoyed our trip this morning.

The miniatures for sale were mostly pieces of furniture and that's something I don't really need - although I did buy one little table.

There were some nice pieces of Reutter, especially two candelabra with porcelain bases that I really liked, but decided finally not to get (1) they wouldn't work in any of my UFO projects, and (2) now that I'm into electrifying rooms, didn't really want non-electrical pieces.
This is the piece I did buy. Nothing fancy, just a nice little table that will work almost anywhere.
The shop owner said she had already sold a lot of the consignment yesterday and that more would be coming, including a house (not yet electrified).

Had a very enjoyable time looking around at the rest of the stock and reminiscing about memories a lot of things invoked.

Had a very enjoyable lunch. Miniatures, good food and wonderful conversations with good friends - who could ask for more!

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