Friday, July 1, 2011

LP records

Vinyl sheet from inside computer disk (see yesterday's Trash to Treasure from a Computer Disk)
1” paper punch (if you have one) or circle cutter from Dollarama
¼” paper punch
Paper (colour of choice)
Tacky glue
Straight pin

Remove the vinyl sheet from the computer disk.

If you have a 1” paper punch, a Fiskar’s shape cutter or a circle cutter from Dollarama, cut six 1” circles from the vinyl. Since I had none of those, I scribed the circles with this:

This actually works very well as it leaves you with a hole in the exact centre of the record which will be handy later. The drawback is that because the vinyl is so shiny, your cutting line is hard to see.

For your labels, punch out a pile of ¼” circles in your choice of colour. Spread the ¼” circles out on a piece of balsa or foamcore, or a mouse pad – anything with a bit of give to it.  Take your straight pin and push the point through the centre of one of the ¼” circles. Move it up on the pin then add your vinyl (this is where the centre hole is handy. Move that up on the pin then add a second ¼” circle. Leave about ¼” between each piece.  Using your toothpick, apply glue to each of the ¼” pieces on the sides closest to the vinyl.

Push the pieces together and remove from the straight pin.

This great link has record album covers (front and back) of all kinds.


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