Friday, July 29, 2011

Hedge from styrofoam


White styrofoam (size of desired hedge)
Serrated knife (I used a steak knife.)
Bounce fabric softener sheet
1” Foam  paint brush
Black acrylic paint
2 or 3 shades of green paint (I used Forest Green, Leaf Green and Pine Needle)

Roughly cut a piece of white styrofoam the size you want your hedge to be. Run the knife blade across the Styrofoam at right angles. This will remove bits and pieces of the Styrofoam and give you a rough finish. Round the edges a bit.

The fabric softener sheet can be rubbed over the Styrofoam and knife blade to keep the stray bits of foam from flying all over the place.

Using the foam brush, give the Styrofoam a coat of black paint. It should be pretty well coated but if you miss a couple nooks and crannies that’s okay too.
After the black paint has dried, dry brush on one of the green paints. Don’t worry about covering all the black paint. The inside of the hedge should look darker than the outside.
Let that coat dry then dry brush on another shade of green, just dabbing it here and there. When your second green has dried, you can add a third shade if you like.
If you want a flowering hedge, you could add some bits of coloured flower foam.

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