Saturday, July 2, 2011

Halogen floor lamp (non-electrified)

1 bamboo skewer
1 ¼” suction cup
1 1” black bevelled faucet washer
3” black electrical tape
Black paint
Round toothpick or very small dowel
Gold paint
Tacky Glue
Black embroidery thread or fine cord (4 – 6”)
Black seed bead

Remove the metal clip from the suction cup. Depending on the base of the suction cup you may want to trim it a bit to a narrower diameter.

Cut your skewer to 5 ½”. Wrap the electrical tape around one end of the skewer. Place the wrapped end in the hole in the bevelled washer. (You want the bevelled side up and the flat side to sit on the “floor”.) You want a very snug fit – if it’s too tight with 3” of tape, cut off some of the tape ¼” at a time – no more – it doesn’t take much to make that crucial difference.

Fit the suction cup concave side up to the other end of the skewer.

Paint the end of your toothpick or dowel gold. (The first joint of the turned round toothpicks is perfect for this.) When dry, snip off the end 1/16” and glue it to your lamp pole for the switch.

Glue one end of the thread/cord to the base of the lamp. Glue the seed bead to the other end of the thread for the plug. For extra realism, you can print an electrical outlet from Jim Collins, glue it to the wall and glue the ‘plug’ to it. 

This lamp is in my penthouse.

Completion time: 10 – 15 minutes

You can find the suction cups and bevelled washers at most $ stores. Failing that, the washers are available in the plumbing department at the hardware store.

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