Thursday, July 14, 2011

Containers for scenes part 4

I "stole" this stationery box at our condo coffee club gift exchange because I knew I could make a scene in it. Changed the picture on the front to one of Hogwarts and made our daughter a Harry Potter scene.

I found this stationery box in the Salvation Army store in Kelowna for $1.00. Thought it would be perfect for a wedding scene but never got around to it. Gave it away in my great clean out.
My mother gave me this display cabinet (garage sale find). It originally held a collection of seeds and beans.
 I removed the originally compartments and turned it into a perfume shop "Scentimental Journey". (I had Googled and found a whole pile of suggestions for names of parfumeries. Chose this one because I had wonderful memories of singing dear GD Holly to sleep with Sentimental Journey.)
DD Leanne gave me this box which had contained a Christmas gift. (Think it was from Superstore.) Had envisioned doing a potter's wheel in the left compartment and a pottery shop in the right but knew I'd never do it so it also went in the great clean out.
This little beach scene on an old plate just came together one morning.

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