Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trash to Treasure salad

Many bottles of water come with a clear cap that can be used as a wonderful salad bowl. My particular favourite is faceted and looks like pressed glass (sorry I don’t know what brand they’re on). If you paint the inside with glass stain they look especially nice. I sometimes add a gold or silver rim with my Pilot pen.

You can make wonderful lettuce from plastic snow. Put some of the snow in a
plastic sandwich bag and add some green paint or glass stain and mix well until all the snow is coated then spread on some wax paper until the paint has dried. I usually do this with two or three shades of green mixed separately then combine the dried snow for a variation in colour in the lettuce.

If you’re a purist you can make some tomato and onion slices from Fimo or you can just snip small pieces of red and green fun foam to add a bit of colour to your salad.

You can also cut the ends off a couple turned toothpicks (stained, or painted silver, if you like) and stick them in the salad for salad servers.

Not getting any mini-ing done as Vern is still in ICU but don't want to get out of the habit of blogging so I'll be posting T2T until things settle down.

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