Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time to play

On May 13 I mentioned the modeling metal mesh I picked up at Dollarama and showed a file holder made from it. At the time I had thought I might make a pencil cup from a strip of it but changed my mind and used a plastic piece from a ballpoint pen for that.

While I was tidying up, I came across some scraps that were left over and couldn't resist playing with them.

It's a 100% aluminum 1/8" diamond mesh - very fine so it cuts easily with scissors and molds easily.

Here I used clear frost #16022 Gallery Glass to fill  in the mesh. You could also do this with Aleene's Tacky (or any other white glue that dried clear) for a window effect.

 Here the glass stain has dried. I can see this for a window, especially in 1:48.

Here I used Ruby Red #16015 Gallery Glass.

 Since I was just playing with scraps this is a bit lopsided but I can see this as a tiara or crown.

Or a filigree necklace, either plain or with only some of the diamonds coloured in.

Maybe a piece of modern art for the wall with variegated layers of the mesh...or maybe a sculpture. (With my limited abilities, it would have to be a very modern free-form sculpture. LOL)
It'll be fun seeing what other ideas come up.


  1. I love how your mind works! Very interesting tiara and the others interesting ways of using this mesh too has me thinking a visit to the dollar stores in my area is needed. As always loving your blog and wonder if I could add it to mine??? Please?

  2. Thanks Judy. I'm blogging a bit more today on the mesh. If you can't find any at your local Dollarama, let me know and I'll send you a piece to play with.
    Yes, you can certainly add my blog to yours. (And let me know how to do it so I can do the same. VBG)