Thursday, June 30, 2011

That formerly useless old 3 1/2" floppy disk

My latest computer doesn’t take 3 ½” disks so I had a pile of them around. What a treasure trove inside!

To begin, take off the “brushed chrome” or black piece that’s across the top of the disk. These are generally a lightweight metal which could be used to make maybe the holder part of a magazine rack or a mail box...or a cookie sheet as is. The Maxell ones are a nice black plastic which could be cut into tiles.

Next, pull the disk apart at the top where you removed the first piece. Be careful that you don’t lose the tiny metal spring (lower left). I plan on using this for the needle in the playing arm of a record player. There is also a small black plastic piece (lower right) that would make a lovely little soap dish. To me, it also looks like a high chair tray in 1:48.

Remove the round metal piece from the black plastic. As is, you can make a polymer clay pizza in it. Or line the bottom with a piece of decorative paper to make a vanity tray.

You can cut 1” circles out of the black plastic to make LP records. There is another tutorial for these.

On the inside of the outer case pieces are the two white semi-circles. These are a wonderful weight and texture to make j-cloths or kitchen towels.

One of the outside pieces has a circular piece with a raised edge in the centre. Cut around this (cuttable with scissors) and you’ve have a nice little tray. You may want to sand around the cut edge a bit to smooth it.

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