Wednesday, June 29, 2011

T2T in the kitchen

cookie jars: Large macramé beads make good cookie jars. Glue a small shank button on for a lid. You can use your computer to print a small label, even add a picture.

COOKIE SHEET:  Eye shadow metal pans are perfect for bake ware in the kitchen. (The heat from a hair dryer will loosen the glue so they can be popped out of the case.) Make some donuts, cookies, etc and place on cookie sheet and place in an oven or on a countertop.
COOKIES:  Punch from thin brown fun foam. Paint on icing or dots of paints for sprinkles.

 CRANBERRY SAUCE: Mix some red seed beads with white glue or red glass stain and pile on a white button for a dish of cranberry sauce.

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