Thursday, June 9, 2011

the sink and plumbing

I didn't have a plastic piece in my stash that would work for a sink so I decided to make one from cardstock. This would also give me the exact measurements I wanted as the counter is quite shallow.

The original sketch:
Cut and scored. The 'x' marks the centre for the drain.

 Glued together:
Hole cut in the counter:
Probably wouldn't have been an undermount sink at that time but.....
Clamped in place for glue to dry:
 Luckily there was a set of taps with a swivel faucet in my stash:
 Counter glued in place:
 Used my wire bending jig from Princess Auto to shape the drain pipe (I've only had it for about 6 years LOL):
 Painted two strips of wire with copper nail polish and glued them against the back wall for the water pipes and bent a piece of copper wire and glued in place for the drain pipe.
The doors are cut and stained to enclose this section but I'm off to dinner with old friends/co-workers then to the Community Band Concert.

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