Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not mini today - but fun

When our grandkids, Jonah (5 1/2) and Holly (3 1/2), were here, they really enjoyed some dress-up things I had for them.

So for Christmas this year, I've decided to make them a "tickle trunk". With that in mind, Joanne and I had a ball at Dollarama the other day looking for things to put in it. So far, this is what we found:

 Miss Holly loves pink and purple so I got two garlands of gerber daisies - put some on a tulle ribbon on a floppy white hat and made a bouquet of the rest. Also made the magic wand. A doctor kit, crowns and SWAT team shield, badge, whistle, and communication head gear. Joanne spotted the dinosaur hats - love them!
A couple tambourines, three wild wigs, tiaras, feather boa, leis, magnifying glass, pirate sword and a couple men's hats.

They both have great imaginations so they should get lots of fun out of this. And I have plans for other things to add to it.

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