Friday, June 3, 2011

Mesh and darts

I played a bit more with the mesh yesterday and made a bib necklace and a piece that when shortened could be an armband or a bracelet.
You can see in the necklace that some of the mesh has been covered. The paint (This was about 50/50 turquoise paint and clear frost Gallery Glass) can be scraped off carefully but it's a PITA to do. When I've used paint or glue in this way to fill in a mesh, I've always used a paint brush but I had already washed out my paint brush when I decided to do the bracelet strip. The toothpick that I had used to mix the paint was still in the paint so I just used it to paint the bracelet by running the paint covered toothpick parallel across the mesh.
This worked much better than a brush in filling the holes and had the advantage of not getting paint on the back of the mesh.
* * *
Let's face it, a dart board isn't much use without the darts. What an incredibly fiddly job! But I did manage to make three darts and put them in the dart board.

I had some of this black and white telephone wire in my stash.
I had a couple inch piece that already had the wire removed. I cut the wire cover pieces in three strips, each one being about 1/4" white and about 1/8" black.  I inserted a piece of silver coloured wire into the white portion of the strip, leaving about 1/8" extending past the end and then cutting off the excess.
 Before the excess wire was cut off.
 I then very carefully cut the black portion of the wire cover into three equal sections, spread them out and used a marker to paint the inside of the wire black to match the outside.
At this point I got out my pin vise to drill three holes in the dart board to insert the darts - and promptly dropped the bit holder on the floor and spent the next 15 minutes picking up all the bits! Bit of blue air around here I'll tell you!

Finally got the darts in the board:

and using my trusty poster velcro from Lee Valley installed it in the barroom.

Positioning things properly in this room is difficult because the wood and wallpaper are so dark and it's hard to see pencil marks. The roombox is on a bookcase and there is no electrical outlet near it and really no place to put a lamp anyway. 

But I do have some of these tap lights that we use occasionally as night lights in the bedroom so I put one inside the room to give me light to work by - and see the pencil marks so items can be put in position. Big help!

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