Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last night's workshop

Our club, Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton, met last night for our monthly workshop. When Sunni, Joanne, Lorry and Delores were in Arizona (Tucson to see The Mini-Time Machine Museum of Miniatures then Phoenix for the miniatures show and sale), at the miniature show they saw a great collection of dresses made by club members from Kleenex. The club was kind enough to pass on the instructions so last night we tried our hand at making them.

Unfortunately I didn't take my camera last night so don't have any pictures of all the wonderful creations the others made. Here's my first effort.
It's no great shakes but I'm already thinking making these could become addictive. I think I may even try making some from silk. You only do the front of the dress but they can be spread on a bed or hung in a closet to great effect.

Sunni knows a picture framer who saves pieces of matboard for her and she brought a great selection of them to share with club members last night. I got a lovely large white on white piece that I think will be used to finish the back wall of the Bombay House when I get around to finishing the final details on it.

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