Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Faux drinking glasses

My first thought was to print pictures of glasses on a transparency, cut them out and glue upright on the shelves, much like I did the liquor bottles. Didn't work.

So while Joanne and I were out this morning, we stopped by the pet store and picked up airline tubing. It's about 1/4" in diameter on the outside. $2.74 for 2 metres. So I cut about two dozen glasses in two sizes - didn't bother with bottoms as they're just going on the shelves for show.

The problem with cutting plastic tubing is getting straight cuts. This isn't a perfect solution but it worked fairly well.

I had a length of wood dowel 3/36" in diameter that fit snugly inside the tubing. I wrapped a piece of tape around the dowel then marked the height I wanted for the glasses around the dowel.

Slipped the tubing over the dowel up to the tape.
Use the straight blade to cut along the pencil line.

The tubing comes in a coil so I should have straightened it and left it for at least a day before cutting it. After I took the picture of the glasses on the shelves, I removed them and strung them on the dowel and I'll leave them there overnight (maybe even hit them with some heat from the hair dryer) and glue the glasses in place tomorrow.

These shelves will also have a door with the mesh insert so the illusion will work anyway.

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