Tuesday, June 28, 2011


ICE CREAM SUNDAEA pushpin can be used as a base for an ice cream sundae. A dollop of Polyfilla makes good ice cream (can be tinted with a bit of acrylic paint if you want chocolate or strawberry ice cream). Add a bit more untinted for whipped cream, drizzle on some chocolate syrup (acrylic paint or glass stain) and add a cherry (no hole bead) to the top.
To remove the pin, heat it with a match or lighter and pull out with pliers.


Using a single edge razor blade, slice a wine cork. You can also use the blade to cut a slice from the cake.

The first cake was iced with spackle then topped with very tiny beads mixed with red glass stain for a cherry topping. The 'cake edges' of the second cake were painted with brown paint and the rest iced with spackle. If you push a push pin into the bottom of the cake, it makes a good handle while you're painting and icing the cake.

I painted a pop cap liner with red marker for the plate and used a push pin through the liner and cake to make the pedestal.

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