Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dart board in cabinet

The shelving behind the bar still hasn't come together in my mind so today I made the dart board and cabinet.

Using Google images, I found the images I needed: the dart board itself and a cabinet to put it in. Both had the RL measurements in the descriptions.

I copied the dart board image into a Word document, sized it. cut it out and glued it to a piece of matboard.

I copied the image of the cabinet into a document and sized it. I cut out the picture and used it as a pattern to make the doors. Then I used a stylus to add the routing detail along the edge. (The wood for the entire cabinet is 3/32" basswood.)

To make the chalk scoreboard, I inserted a text box in a document, sized it to fit the back of the door, used shape fill to colour it black, changed the font size to 5 and the colour to white and added the game scores. Cut that out and glued it to the back of the door.
 Stained the doors front and back.
Here I used Lego blocks to align the doors front sides together and used my pin vise to drill a hole through both where I wanted the door handles.
 Glued Housework nails in the holes for handles.
Built a little box to form the back of the cabinet.
 Stained the box.
I inserted a text box in another document and sized it to match the inside of the box and used that as a template to cut out a piece of cork liner (from Lee Valley)
 Glued the cork inside the box then glued in the dart board.
 Glued strips of silk ribbon to the box and doors to make hinges. I used two Lego blocks on their sides to hold the doors level with the box when attaching the ribbon.

 When the glue was dry on the 'hinges', I stained the ribbon. I added a little shelf with a piece of white telephone wire as a piece of chalk. I cut a small piece of matboard and used markers to colour the 'felt' for a chalk eraser.

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