Monday, June 13, 2011

cigarette vending machine

The bar is still not coming together in my head so I decided to make a cigarette vending machine for the barroom.

The machine itself is an amalgam of several different machines so it may or may not be particularly historically correct. Most of the ones I found that were actually from the 40s were very Art Deco and much too upscale for what I wanted.

Then there were hours of research trying to find what brands of cigarettes would have been sold in Canada in that time frame. Finally found this website which was very helpful.

I constructed the vending machine from matboard.
 The front of the machine.
 The top sign and coin slot is from a picture of an actual vending machine. The cigarette packages are from the 40s. They've been given two thick coats of clear nail polish.
 These are ship model belaying pins. I got mine at a model train shop in Edmonton. Bought them originally to use as perfume bottle tops.
They will be the levers to release your choice of cigarette brand. Here I've sandwiched them in a roll of tape to hold them in place while I colour them silver with my Pilot pen.
On the back of the front of the vending machine, I've built a little box where the cigarettes will be dispensed. (It's painted silver on the inside.
 Here the coin slot has been added at the front top and the picture of the available cigarette brands has been added with the belaying pins stuck in holes below the pictures.
 The sides added, then the back.
 The top added, then the bottom.

 The tapered legs are the ends of square toothpicks from Dollarama painted silver.
 In place in the barroom.

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