Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back shelving

Didn't get a great deal done today but at least got the shelving started.

Used a table in Word to design it and figure out sizes. The pattern piece on the right was cut out and put on the wood with double-sided tape.

The upper middle section will be mirror backed. After my trip to Dollarama to get a new piece of mirror especially for this, I came across the pieces of automotive mirror in my stash. Which is great as I'll be able to easily cut it exactly to the size I need/want.

All I managed to actually get done was the outer pieces and the uprights. 

The upper portion is only 3/4" deep and the base section is 1" deep. Realistically, they probably should have been deeper but since the entire box is only 7 5/8" deep I didn't want the shelving to take up too much space. Which was probably a mistake because my glass slides that I'd ordinarily use for the shelving in front of the mirror are 1" deep so now I can't use them. Will have to use heavy plastic for the shelving. The upper side sections will have doors on them. Still haven't decided whether to go with bulletin board doors or doors with panels of the aluminum mesh.

The tentative plan is to have a small sink in the counter below the 'glass' shelving.

But we'll see how things go tomorrow.

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