Thursday, April 28, 2011

one more electrical

Now that the lighting decision has been made, there’s one more electrical item to take care of. I bought an insert from Danielle Perry Miniatures to go in the fireplace.

 I drilled a hole through the logs so I could put the bulb behind the flames.

 Drilled another hole in the back of the firebox for the wires.
 The logs in place. I used a small piece of carpet tape to hold the logs in place.

When Ann K. posted to Canada Minis that she used carpet tape to install wallpaper, carpets, etc., I was very dubious. The only carpet tape I had ever seen was years ago and really thick stuff. But her recommendations carry a lot of weight with me so I picked some up (got mine at WalMart but think it's available at most hardware stores) and became an immediate convert. It's an open weave double-sided tape that is almost paper thin.  


  1. I too have been afraid to try double sided carpet tape. I was afraid that wallpaper would bulge and gape with it. The fireplace looks great.

  2. I used the carpet tape on the back wall of the art studio with no problems. Mind you, so far I've only used it with cardstock so far. But for one of my upcoming projects I'll be using purchased wallpaper and we'll see how it goes with that.