Friday, April 29, 2011

I have two of these wonderful roomboxes that I bought from members of the Edmonton club (Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton) who were downsizing. Wish I had more as they are a good size (inside 9 1/2"h x 15" w x 10 1/2" deep) and have a slide-in plexiglass front.

I sat down Tuesday night and stained all my wood for the walls. The top piece is my crown molding, the two strips of basswood will be baseboards, the coffee stirrers (Dollarama) will be the chair rail and the wainscoting is some wood  that I got on clearance at Michael's in Nova Scotia last fall.

This is a really neat product. It's a paper thin veneer of real wood mounted on a cardstock backing. Because it's real wood the grain tends to be really too big for miniatures but if you choose carefully you can find pieces that will work.

Most of the furniture for this room has that reddish tone so wanted to have that in the wood on the walls also. In a real moment of serendipity, Tuesday morning Margaret, a fellow miniaturist, phoned and said she had been finishing some furniture (mini, of course) and had stained it red then overstained it with brown.

So all this wood was first coloured red with a chisel tip Sharpie pen then given two coats of  brown with the dark brown marker from the Furniture Touch Ups pens from Dollarama (3 markers - light, medium and dark brown - for $1.00 - or maybe $1.25 now). I'm pleased with the look.

Finally had to go out on the balcony to take this picture - and the colours still aren't quite right - but closer than anything I could get in the apartment.

I'd actually prefer the darker carpet but in RL it has an almost rusty hue to it and just isn't quite right.
Now that I look at this again, it's just not what I want. So off to my stash and I find these:

Colours do not show up properly on this one - the carpet is a cream colour. But it's not what I want either.

The colours don't show up quite right on this one either. The carpet is a beautiful dark teal. I love it! But I only have one sheet of the wallpaper. IIRC I got it at club when someone was clearing out wallpaper. Now have a call out to MEE members to see if anyone else bought some and is willing to sell/swap for a couple sheets.

Here I thought this would all come together like magic. Ha!

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