Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Biting the bullet...

When I was making my latest mini vignette, I thought about starting a blog to track my progress but since I only had three weeks to create it, didn't think I could handle both it and learning to blog at the same time.

Mid-March, I received an e-mail from the art teacher (the daughter of a friend and former co-worker) at Leo Nickerson School. The students were painting chairs in various themes and auctioning them with proceeds going to the Stollery Children's Hospital. There was to be a silent auction of other donated art in conjunction with the live auction of the chairs.

I confirmed that I would donate a miniature vignette. The more I thought about it, I wanted to do a miniature of a portion of the art studio. So I made arrangements to go to the school and take pictures of the room on March 22. Went back on April 5 and took more pictures and measurements.

The auction was on April 20 but the finished pieces were to be at the school on April 11. So it was a pretty tight deadline. Got a slight extension on the deadline and finished it April 12.

There are over 150 pieces in it and all but about 10 were made totally from scratch.

It's been a long time (about five years) since I did a mini of an actual room and I had forgotten how very much I love the challenge of 'copying' a room.

The actual art room:

The completed mini:

Now that's behind me and my income tax is filed, thought I'd give this a try.

I'm going to try to update regularly and follow my progress on work on my UFOs and post some tutorials along the way.


  1. What a great job. The mini looks just like the original right down to the chair on the table being worked on.