Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Not mini - but fun!

When I turned 60, my three younger sisters gave me a piggy bank that each one had put $60 in. That began a family tradition: as each of the sisters turned 60, they received the pig with $60 from each of the sisters whose birthday it wasn't. The $180 I received from that pig went toward my first trip to Nova Scotia and Camp Mini Ha Ha.

Youngest sister, Marie, brought out a new pig some months ago along with a package of flat-backed 'jewels' to decorate it.

When Joanne and I went to Michael's last week I found this self-adhesive roll of rhinestones.

 I cut them into single strips.
 The 7 was easy to make with just the straight strips.

 But in order to make the '0', I cut through the thread on one side of the single strip so it could curve.
 While we were at Tina's on Tuesday night, she printed out for me a '0' as a template.
 On one side, I just dampened it to stick it to the pick but on the other side, I used a glue stick to put it in place. Then I glued the rhinestone strips in place.

Then, with super glue, I glued rhinestones around the slot in the pig. (Unfortunately, I was short one size so had to 'sort of' fit two in the remaining space.
 Then I glued these on the pig wherever there was space:

 Then I glued a silver bow from ear to ear:
Then added a jewel to the centre of the bow.
 Here it is!
from one side

And the other.....
DS Shirley is coming over tomorrow to do her income tax so she'll get to see it in person. I get it next year then she'll be the next recipient of it.


  1. Ha quedado muy bonito y gracioso!!! Es una simpática tradición familiar!!!

  2. Gracias Pilar . Mucho amor y la tradición ..