Sunday, June 21, 2020

Some eye candy (not mini) and slippers

My friend Jeanne invited me up to their condo yesterday to see what she has been doing while in isolation. WOW!

She doesn't do  minis but she does do pysanka so she finished these in the past few months. The pictures simply do not do them justice. The largest eggs are ostrich and the next smaller are emu. Truly works of art.

So while everyone else seems to be accomplishing great things, I managed to make one pair of slippers.

Barb S. taught a great workshop on Zoom last Tuesday. After missing a couple meetings because I couldn't get into Zoom on either tablet, finally got into this one using my phone.

Our kits included material for two pair of slippers so you could say this is my practice run.

Here I've cut out the heels and uppers from microsuede.

The sole pattern, ribbon, and fun foam

The sole pattern is glued to the ribbon then cut out.

The cut out pieces are then glued to the foam and those are cut out

Soles finished

The heel pieces are then glued to the soles.
I was sure I had taken a picture when I was adding the uppers but guess I didn't. It's a bit tricky and fiddly but I found that adding one side at a time and letting the glue dry before doing the other side worked for me.

The one on the right is a bit lopsided but all in all I'm happy with how they turned out.

Thanks to Barb for a great workshop!


  1. Those eggs are fabulous works of art. Your friend has been very productive in her "down time". I also love those little slippers. Thank you for the instructions. Even without the actual pattern, they should be easy to figure out. Cheers! - Marilyn D.

    1. I have two of Jeanne's eggs that I will take pictures of so you can see the artistry. If you and Bruce ever get out this way, you can see them in person.
      Slippers were fun to do.
      Hugs, Maureen