Wednesday, April 18, 2018

So excited

about my Estate Sale purchases tonight at club that I'm ignoring all my filed pictures for now and showing you what I bought!

The sale itself:

The Badger-Dingle Roombox

A Greenleaf dollhouse - beautifully finished

A petite Greenleaf dollhouse

Sale furniture and accessories

Wood, wallpaper, etc.

This was shown as a post office set (which it was as you can see on the right of the first picture and it needed some gluing (but only five small pieces). It is exquisitely done and all the pieces are beautiful. And I got it for $15.00!!

The piece on the left will go into one of my future art galleries as will the lower piece on the right. The actual upper piece on the right I will take over to my mother since when I was very young my parents ran the general store and post office in Worsley, Alberta. After that, I'll probably give it to someone who is doing a general store.

 These three shelving units will work just about anywhere so I'm sure they'll end up in future projects.

I bought this tall dresser for a nursery I'm working on as I think it will work better than the lower, wider one I have. (More about that later.)

The milk can will go in Vern's attic to represent the one that I have from the farm that belonged to Vern's parents. Thanks to Cheryl S. who knew I wanted it and grabbed it up for me!) The Chrysbon cabinet is just because it's beautiful and spoke to me.

These brass candlesticks are so delicate and exquisite that I had to have them. Strangely, there were just two candles in the sealed package but that's okay, I have packages of candles in my stash.

At a long ago Estate Sale, I bought two floor lamps that match this table lamp so couldn't resist.

For $2 each, I loved this plate stand and the plate. Unfortunately, they don't work together but the stand will work as a holder for a piece of art in one of my art galleries. And I love the plate on it's own.

Another art gallery piece. Think I'll be re-arranging my art galleries (current and planned) so one will be for Native American art.

My treasured purchases:

I spotted this little piggy bank (with the tag upside down) and knew I had to have it for the nursery I'm working on. (I KNOW I have a little piggy bank SOMEWHERE but can't find it!)

When I realized it was by Janice Crawley, someone said "here's another piece by her" so I had to get it also. Oh, my, these have to be among the first pieces Janice did. I'm SO excited.

So those are all my goodies from the Estate sale.  Hadn't really expected to buy anything but spent $40 and worth every penny!

My birthday present by Barb Streithorst from the club! Isn't it wonderful?

I won this tea kettle as a door prize tonight.

There is a young man named Dave, a friend of Tina's son, who does incredible painting of metal minis. He painted this rifle and shotgun for me. You can't tell from these pictures but in person you can even see the woodgrain on the rifle stock. My 94 year old mother was totally impressed! (Mom hunted all her life and was a damn good shot so she knows her weapons.)


  1. You SCORED BIG TIME Maureen! and I think that your new minis are all Marvelous Treasures!
    I've owned both the Greenleaf Jefferson as well as The Storybook Cottage houses in the past and they are excellent mini properties to decorate.
    And both of yours look like they are in VERY GOOD CONDITION too!
    Jodi from My Miniature Madness blog is currently kit bashing her Storybook cottage which you may find interesting to see.
    Meanwhile, I think that you'll have LOTS of projects to keep you occupied, now that you are on the mend.
    so Have FUN playing with Everything! :D


    1. Thanks Elizabeth.
      Actually, I didn't buy the houses. The Jefferson was bought by Pat M. and Valerie, a guest from the Doll Club, bought the Storybook Cottage.