Friday, February 2, 2018

The additional dollhouse furniture from Dollarama

The leg on the table on the right in the last picture was terribly askew so I had to open up that package to take it off, clean it up and reglue it. Then I looked at the packaging and it had such wonderful mini possibilities so I decided I should keep it.

With this incredibly cold weather, the paint needed to be kept separate - and I added some stain pens to the mix - so I packed them in a separate package that could be kept indoors.

I have some ideas where these pieces could go but this is Elizabeth's dollhouse and she'll need to decide all that on her own.

She's not quite 3 so I can't add all the wonderful little things that I would love to but I'm hoping that as she gets older, she'll show an interest and I can help her update it as she grows.

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