Thursday, January 25, 2018

I hate shopping but....

today was a great day!

Joanne and my first stop was at St. Albert Michael's where Joanne looked for Snow Writer and I wanted chalkboard paint. Both were out of stock but the salesperson kindly phoned Michael's on 137 Avenue and confirmed they had both.

Next we stopped at Home Depot where I confirmed they had chalkboard paint (but way more than I needed) and Joanne got the sandpaper she needed. As we were headed to checkout, I spotted a bin of Contact Paper and saw a roll that I decided would work on the outside of my three room roombox.

This will allow me to get that project nearer completion.

Next stop was the nearby newest Dollarama. They didn't have what I was looking for but I did find a few things.

I'll pass on the letters to Elizabeth but I'll keep the box to use as an Advent Calendar for DGD Holly this coming Christmas.

Don't have a use for the adhesive mirror sheet (5 5/8" x 6") but I know I can use the 1/4" square (and very thin) mirrors somewhere. For $1.50 I can keep it in my stash. I'm out of the larger Ziploc bags so these will come in handy.

Off to Michael's on 137th Avenue where I got my chalkboard paint and Joanne got her Snow Writer.

I don't often shop at Michael's but I must admit that I find the staff much more knowledgeable and helpful than they were years ago. (In this case, the salesperson found, not only the product that was on the shelf, but dug in a bin under the shelves and found this for me - less than a dollar an ounce as opposed to $2.60 an ounce for the one on the shelf.)

We stopped at the Dollarama by Save-On in St. Albert on the way back from Michael's where I found these pieces for Elizabeth for her dollhouse. Each one has a piece of furniture (pretty much to scale), three small pots of paint and a paint brush. Thought they would give her a sense of ownership to paint them herself.

By the time we got to St. Albert Centre, it was 12:50 and we were just a bit early for an in-store fashion show at Tan Jay - Alia where I had purchased two pair of denim jeans on Tuesday. I had told Joanne about them so showed her where they were (short petite sizes) and she got a pair for herself.

Enjoyed the fashion show (just three customers modelling pieces from the store).

Headed to the Food Court where we had chinese food then headed home.

Incredibly successful day!

Winter has returned.

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