Sunday, December 17, 2017

Elizabeth's dollhouse 3

Applied a second coat of paint to the two pieces of molding. AND remembered to put on my gloves...and wouldn't you know it, not a speck of paint on the gloves.

Best laid plans and all that....

Well,, the back shingles came off pretty easily awhile back.

But the front ones are stuck! But I'm making progreaa.

My heat gun, chisel and what I've gotten off so far.
Ran into another slight snag in that the shingles across the peak of the roof are also nailed down so that will slow me down a bit more.

One of the reasons I had planned on replacing the shingles with felt was that I had a big piece of felt and had hoped that it would cover the roof without having to be pieced. Until I thought to measure the felt (a bit late in the whole scheme of things, I admit) and it's 36" x 36" and the roof is 38 1/2" wide.

So I guess I'll have to use the 1/8" composite wood product that Leanne and I bought originally for the roof. But I'm going to wait until tomorrow to cut that.

So, my job for tonight is simply  to clear the roof. Won't even hang the curtains until everything else is finished.

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