Wednesday, November 22, 2017

And the STASH just gets BIGGER....

At our regular meeting on Tuesday, we sold out the last of the donations to the club from Janet Mann and Lorry Saunders along with a big donation of freebies from member Carol K.

I hadn't planned on buying anything but there were a few things that I had missed before so....

Tina had two bags of  'laser poop' to give away tonight....and Joanne and I were lucky enough to win them! GREAT picture frames!

From the sales table...
A Philip Aitken pewter plate (British Columbia) that I picked up for friend Marijke in New Brunswick.
Two nesting tables from NAME National 2010 by Wes and Judy Krueger.

This table is very reminiscent of the table that belonged to Vern's parents. The legs are a bit different but the top, skirt and bottom shelf are very much the same.

Love the fruit tray and the Christmas tray of goodies. The necklace is lovely and will enjoy using the macrame plant hanger in a scene.

These towels are beautifully done and can definitely use them somewhere.

I need a baseball bat for Vern's Attic and this was so beautifully done (and inexpensive) that I had to have it! Certainly easier than making it myself.

Thank you, Carol K., for these things.
Three blocks of Fimo (black, labelled lavender (but looks more burgundy to me) and turquoise.

About 12" of thin wires that can be used to wire LEDs!
 I also got about a 2' x 2' piece of lacy fabric from Carol. I took a picture of it against my red couch but there is not really anything that will do it justice. A bit stiff but will work for drapes/curtains that don't have to be pleated.

Know where some things will go eventually but some (as always) are on hold for that 'perfect' place to put them.

So what else is new? LOL!

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