Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trying out some pieces

The blue chairs I bought on Sunday look pretty good in my second lamp roombox. The round table is from my stash as is the small carpet. The colours in the carpet are a bit lighter blue than the chairs but the wine matches the wall pretty well.

Haven't decided what to put on the back wall yet. I put my remaining Barbara Brear faux books in the barrister's book shelf. Unfortunately, many of the books are too tall so have to be laid on their sides. Don't know what else I'll put in there.

OR I could use this fireplace from my stash on the back wall. In that case, I will need some art for above the fireplace.

Maybe this is the year that I'll finally make the art from the wall of the hotel.

Have to let this percolate awhile.

P.S. Judith told me she didn't do the shade attributed to her in my last post. If you know who did it, please let me know and I'll correct the post. Thanks.

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